Returning life to your treasured artefacts


All treatments are designed to meet the individual needs of your item ensuring its longevity and maintaining aesthetics. Treatments are documented through digital photography, as well as a written report, including a description of the item, its condition prior to treatment, the proposed treatment and a report on the treatment procedures.

Treatments for paper, parchment, and photographs

  • Tear & loss repair 
  • Cleaning, removal of dirt and grime
  • Washing/Bathing, stabilizing chemical deterioration
  • Stain reduction/removal
  • Backing/lining removal
  • Linen or paper lining to repair tears, reduce creases and provide strength
  • Removal of old repairs & tape
  • Humidification, returning suppleness, flattening, and crease reduction
  • De-acidification
  • In-painting lost media, hand colouring
  • High resolution digitization and digital restoration for family photographs
Treatments for Books and Bound Materials
  • Binding repair & spine replacement
  • Consolidate, clean & renew leather & cloth
  • Re-binding with respect to historical integrity 
  • Sewing repair
  • Rebuilding and repair of corners and caps 
  • Repair of separating signatures and endpapers
Preservation Consultation Services for Institutional and Private Collections

Preventative conservation is key to saving archival, rare book, art and heritage collections. From collection assessments and surveys to designing customized preservation plans, we provide professional advice and practical solutions that ensure the longevity of your cultural heritage.  

Collection assessments and surveys

Whether artefacts are going out on loan, about to be exhibited, disaster has struck, or deterioration is accelerating, assessments and surveys document the current state of the collection. Identify common problems, causes and rate of deterioration, required treatment actions and gather invaluable insurance information.

Preservation planning

A customized document outlining the Collections’ condition and storage, causes of damage, risks, and solutions for controlling the environment, maintaining the collection and minimizing risks supplying you with a clear plan of action for preserving the artefacts in your care. 


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Prices are based on the amount of time required to stabilize, preserve, repair, and/or restore the materials, not their monetary value. An estimate will determine the required amount of labour which is than calculated at an hourly rate.